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Well for once I actually celebrated Easter... And I must say it was fun. I went over to Alicia's house to make her dinner on Friday. That turned out really good even though I forgot just about every main ingredient to what I was making.. oh well.. it still turned out good. Well, Friday night she shocked me by giving me a key to her Apartment.. I was actually quite speechless. But I accepted it. Well the next day she leave at an ungodly hour in the morning and I was going to take what was supposed to be a quick nap in her bed before I left... quick nap turned into a 3 hour nap... oh well... her bed is comfy... So I get this idea to hide some Easter Eggs in her apartment. So I go out and do it. I was actually surprised that I had a good amount of fun hiding the eggs... It was like being evil by seeing places that I could hide them in without getting too evil by putting them places that she can't get to. (Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind...) It happens that she really loved it and was very giddy about looking for the eggs. I was happy (mainly that she wasn't mad that I re-enter her domicile without permission) But she also loved the Easter Basket I made for her. She was actually so happy about it she dedicated a Post to it on her Livejournal (I always feel happy when mentioned is a good light in her blogs and journals). It was actually such a good weekend that Ye Gods of Equality felt it fit to punish me today with a migraine and bad allergies to make up for the fun time I had... Oh well... I still had a lot of fun :D
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