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Yay... starting a new journal... Someone save me :(

Well I guess I should start out with a tad about me... I'm currently working at a Helpdesk for Verizon.. Yes, you may mourn me if you want.. I know I mourn when I wake up every day.  I'm a big time geek. I normally try not to fit myself with a label. For a long time I was just me.. but the more I starting thinking about it the more I realize that I do have a label... though I'm not as geeky as i used to be I still consider myself on and I’m proud to be one. But I'm happy that I'm not a purest geek... Those people annoy me... Like the ones that hated Transformers because it didn't happen exactly like it did in the old cartoons and the Transformers don't look like they did before... Me? I LOVED that movie... I've seem it about 20 times and I'll still see it again if asked. I like the new way they look, I think it makes more sense than it did in the cartoons. Another thing... Spider-man 3... I work with a bunch of geeks being in a helpdesk... but i am so tired of people complaining about that movie... It was a Great movie... Who cares if it wasn't true to the comics.. They got the basics of the story correct and they had to do it in one movie since they are not sure if they can squeeze another movie in there and still use Toby Mcquire. Only real complaint I had about it is that Venom said "I" and "Me". Venom never said that... Venom's character is really 2 characters... Brock and the symbiote. They were one character so they always said "We" and "Us"... ok that's ending my complaints... Gods know I've ranted too long already about stupid stuff... Ok... back to what I was saying before the ranting... I like video games... but lately I find myself preferring other forms of stimulation instead of gaming.  I've been mainly watching the TV Shows we have on DVD, those being West Wing and 24.  

Home life has turned pretty boring for me lately. It not hard to figure that out when you live with a alcoholic and try to stay away from him.  Since losing interest in the video game community I lost contact with a lot of good friends I had online.  Its come to the highlight of my days is just talking online with friends and watching TV. Though I only really have one person that talks to me anymore... everyone else is pissed at me because I left WoW. Apparently leaving WoW is akin to breaking all 10 of the commandments at the same time. Though, I might appease them by rejoining when the expansion comes out. 

Work life sucks... I recently took over payments of my parent’s house after they moved up to Maryland. I was excited about it to start with but it is wearing me down. They payments are really high and now that its up to me to take care of the house I find myself caring about things I never cared about before... Like actually thinking about a garden... Me.. the geek... thinking about a garden... I must be losing my mind... but I'm considering it. There is a spot next to my dining room that has a sliding glass door and a small area that is supposed to be used as a garden.. for the 20 odd years I lived here that has been a place of weeds and creatures that I’m sure science doesn't even know about. But I don't foresee this happening anytime soon... I'm pretty lazy and destroying and creating a garden is a lot of work... But who knows?

Love life is interesting, and it always has been... I'm always kept me on my toes with it... Weither it’s on my toes trying to keep from drowning or reaching out to try and grab it... I'm not sure, but normally I'm on the outside looking in when it comes to it. I've only really had one relationship where for a while both parties were happy. It was the best year of my life. I got so far as about to move in with her but I was not able to since I worked in Tampa and she lived in Lakeland. But  I was over there practically every other day and paid some of the bills.  When she left me it was not a great time for me. I went into a depression for about 2 months, sad to say... Only thing that really kept me together was WoW. Losing myself to the game and being able to momentarily forget all the troubles and pains kept me from staying in that state or worse climbing into a bottle.  It took me a year to get over that, and 2 relationships to be able to fully give myself to someone again. But as luck has it, and she does love to toy with me, the first lady I was actually able to give my heart to after that broke it, so right now I'm just taking everything romance related day by day. I am currently dating someone. Actually is the person who got me to join here, after reading her journal I decided I might give it a try. She is quite a lady... Very hard to describe. I know she'll more than likely read this so I won't say to much about it.. but, she really smart, so far she is the only person to really back me into an intellectual corner. I like that, I don't know if I have just been losing way too much sleep and just not thinking as clear as I can or I have to start bringing my A game, I strain my vocabulary to find new ways to try and confuse her yet hard as I try, I'm unable to do it... Unless she is drunk.  She also likes to make fun of me. That is something I like, don't ask me why.. I've pondered and pondered that until my ponderer was sore but i think its great fun to sit there and tease each other in a playful manner. So far with that it has been a 50/50 win/loss ratio.  And on top of all that she is really cute.  Now it might seem like I'm already shopping for rings on this... which I'm not. I know that things can change dramatically within an span of a day.  And I'm trying to keep myself from getting hurt, so I'm taking it one day at a time. If this buds into a relationship, wonderful. If not, well... I know that I gave it my best shot and that’s all I can do.

Wow... I figured I would write a couple sentences and be done with it... Ye gods... look like I'm trying to write a book...
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